NPG E-Line 2017 catalogue cover

NPG E-Line

Isotonic Machines, Free Weights Machines, Benches and Racks.

NPG C-Line 2017 catalogue cover

NPG C-Line

Cross training Stations, Rigs, Power Racks, Loglifts, Plyo Boxes, Platforms, Sleds, Accesorriess.

NPG cross training 2017 catalogue cover

NPG M-Line

Functional training Rigs,Rigs parts and Accesorriess.

Fitness Club 24 Company Catalogue

Fitness Club 24 Company Catalog

Overview of products aviable from us. New and refurbished equipment. Short note about our company.

Fitness Club 24 Company Catalogue

Profesional Rubber Gym Floor

Durable and impact-resistant floor mats, ideal for training spaces and wherever the ground is exposed to falling heavy weights.

gym lockers

Szafki do szatni

Metalowe lub laminowane szafki z możliwością dopasowania do indywidualnych wymagań klienta.